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Refrigerator Repair
Willow Park tx.

Needing Refrigerator repair in Willow Park TX.

     A refrigerator can actually be categorized as being the most misunderstood appliance in the home. When it comes to providing refrigerator repair in Willow Park TX, here's why you should choose Covenant Appliance repair.  First of all let me say that every issue isn't as bad as it may seem. Then at other times, you may think that you can YouTube  your way out of  trouble, when you really need to replace the unit. The consumer who understands their repair needs are much more comfortable when dealing with a repair service. Most Technicians aren't interested in giving an onsite appliance 101 course, so most must do their due diligence to know their appliance issue. Understanding the basics of how your refrigerator works can really be quite rewarding, and much simpler than one would think. Sure todays refrigerators are more complex than the ones our parents had, but the operational concept is the same.

     At Covenant Appliance Repair we believe that the educated consumer can be the best customer; that is if you plan to treat them accordingly. The first response to refrigerator failure is a momentary state of panic. Replacing a residential refrigerator can put you 300.00 or 3000.00 out of pocket. Too often consumers go for the long haul solution of replacement when the problem could have been remedied by unplugging the unit for a short period. One of the most common issues with todays frost free refrigerators is human error.

     We constantly service units that have taken on too much warm air from the door being left open. If your unit has a door alarm, that doesn't always free you from this mishap. The door could be closed enough for the door switch to trigger, but still be open enough to take on air. The effect on the coils is the same as when you breathe on the window in the winter time. The warm air frost the coils at a rate and level that the defrost can't keep up with. Once the coils are frozen, the air can't circulate.

     The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers say that statistically, 68% of people replace a broken appliance. Those statistics are not based on necessity, but overall replacements. The question is what percentage of those replacements could have been remedied with a cost viable repair. At covenant Appliance repair, we intend to make sure that the  consumer is fully aware of the best options in relation to their repair need. We are one of if not the best option for your refrigerator repair need in Willow Park TX.

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