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Comm. refrigeration Repair

Commercial appliances work hard, thanks to the high volumes they have to deal with. An oven in a restaurant typically runs constantly during operating hours, and the dishwasher does batches of hundreds of pieces of tableware every hour. Needless to say, this is hard on the machines, so it's not unusual for them to need commercial appliance repair.


Dishwasher repair service is one of the most critical subcategories of commercial appliance maintenance. Without it, restaurants, hospitals, and long-term care centers would all be unable to keep up with the demand for clean plates, cups, and utensils. Establishments that rely on machines to do this job can't just replace them with human staff without warning. The kitchen isn't even set up to have enough sinks or the space that would be needed for enough extra workers to do the job in time to keep everything running smoothly. Instead, the space is dedicated to the machine, with only enough room for a couple of attendants to load it up and check the output.


While this makes dishwasher repair service an essential for foodservice operations, it is not the only type of repair service such businesses need. Commercial appliance repair is also required for refrigerators, freezers, ovens, ranges, and more. Therefore, it's best for restaurants and other commercial food operations to work with a service that can fix all of their equipment. This way, businesses only need to keep track of one outside contractor for all of this type of work.


In Aledo, Fort Worth, and Arlington, TX, make Covenant Appliance Repair your service provider of choice. They can fix all appliances, whether commercial or residential.

  •  Warming Table  Repair 

  • Walk In Cooler Repair 

  • Reach In Cooler Repair  

  •  Commercial Stoves Repair

  • Commercial Deep Fryer Repair

  • Commercial Convection Oven Repair

  • Commercial Microwave Repair

  • Sandwich Table Repair  

  • Deep Fryer Repair 

  • Pizza Oven Repair 


Covenant Appliance Coin Operated Laundry Repair

It doesn’t matter if you own a 50 unit laundromat or a just a few units in the apartment building you lease out, when one unit goes down, it has potential to be the first of a snowball effect because it causes the others to have to work harder. Don’t let it go because it’s just one unit, call us for immediate coil laundry repair 


Covenant Appliance Repair Dryer Vent Cleaning

 Dryer vent cleaning is not an expensive service at all, still most people forego the opportunity to have it done simply because there may not appear to be a need. The truth is, clean vent walls collect very little dust, but as the dust does form, it begins to adhere to more particles. Be sure to visit our BLOG PAGE and read the dangers of a clogged dryer vent. this article gives some pointers on how to discern if your system is becoming obstructed. 

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