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Dryer Repair

Understanding Your Dryer Repair

Covenant Appliance Dryer Repair

     To the ambitious homeowner dryer repair would seem to be a very simple thing. I can't tell you how often our dispatcher has had a well versed woman of the house call for dryer repair and ask, "How much to change a heater element". and when their asked how do you know it's the heater element? Their response is always,"I googled it on YouTube". The reality is, when I endeavor to give advise on dryer repair, my first words are, "If you don't own an electric meter and have a full understanding of 240 volt electrical circuitry and in some cases Gas mechanics, DON"T TRY IT YOURSELF. What seems to be a simple dryer repair is not worth loosing life or property; let a professional do it. And if you decide to do it yourself PLEASE unplug the unit first. The reality is that a clothes dryer consist of a conglomeration of sensors design to not only detect the dryer temp, but to detect lack of airflow and humidity within the unit. There's nothing complex about dryer repair for someone who understands it, but for a pioneer, there could be much more to it than you thought 

     At Covenant Appliance Repair we believe that the educated consumer can be the best customer; that is if you plan to treat them accordingly. Most people who find themselves in need of a dryer repair first take on a momentary state of panic....Not knowing if they're about to come out of the pocket with 100.00 or 1000.00; when your issue could be as simple as unplugging the unit, and plugging it back up. Today's dryer repairs could be issues brought on from environmental conditions such as a dryer vent that hasn't been cleaned at least bi-yearly; Or maybe it's failure to keep the lint filter cleaned. I recall a dryer repair service call where I unexpectedly extracted a 4 ft snake from the turbine. We wont discuss how fast I exited that garage. 

      Plain and simple, if you find yourself needing a dryer repair service in the Willow Park TX area; be it Kenmore, GE, Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, or Maytag, make sure to call someone who will be informative as to what your experiencing, and honest about what you should pay to fix it....And most of all, IF you should fix it at all. Covenant Appliance Repair, we're there when you need us.    

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